My Twizy now has a real front hood! Version 2.1

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As promised I made a further improvement on the front panel. I already had turned it into true small hood and now it is lockable!

This allows me to store with a little security some objects like a rag, a warning triangle or replacement lights.

The key lock comes from the right glove box where it had little use, given the fragility of its door. In my opinion it is even better that way because I can use the glove box without removing the ignition key. In addition,  this improvement  costs nothing.

My Twizy now has a real front hood! Version 1.0

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I recently had troubles with the fasteners of the front panel. Facing such problems has one advantage : it forces us to think!

When trying to fix it, I thought that the system was originally not good, so why fix it instead of make it better?

A real car, it has a hood, so my Twizy must have a hood ... That's it!

And further improvements are planned by the end of the week!

How to strengthen the fasteners of the front panel?

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fasteners are fragile...
In a previous article, I explained how to reach the brake liquid container and the front lights. To do so, it is necessary to remove the front panel and the problem is that its fasteners are fragile...
If, like me, you break a clip support, you have to put back in place the broken part with super glue like cyanoacrylate. But this will surely not resist a long time and anyway it will not make it most solid.
So, broken or not, I advise you to strengthen the clip supports... How? ... Read more >>

How to control the brake fluid level?

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The Renault Twizy is a very simple electric vehicule but not always easy! There is no maintenance book explaining how to do the basic operations like changing a light or checking the brake fluid level. So I begin a serie of articles and videos that should be useful.
Today : How to control the level of brake fluid?  Read more>>

Marge and Homer Simpson love my Twizy too !

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Marge et Homer Simpson aiment ma Twizy aussi !In an ad, Renault shows that Homer and Marge Simpson are fans of Kangoo but I can demonstrate that they love my Twizy too!

Renault Twizy design's genesis

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Renault Twizy design genesisIt took to me more than 24 hours, but I'm proud of that video illustrating the story of the Twizy's design : Renault Twizy design's genesis... Read more >>