Happy Halloween !

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To complete the family, here is an Halloween twizley and another one ready for the arriving winter !

LED daylights: a new world!

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I bought them for Christmas but could not find any time to install ... and it's good because I did not intend put my daylights here. Inspiration has finally come to me, here is the result and I am quite happy of that ! >>

Birth of Twizy Fans Tour!

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Inspired by the Tour de France with a Twizy by Jean-Jacques Pierron, and widely supported by the Facebook "Twizy Fans Francophones ... or not" group, I start organizing a Tour of Europe in Twizys ... and relay ! 

The big difference with the Jean-Jacques Pierron's one is that "Twizy Fans Tour" will not be the performance of a single person or a single vehicle, but the expression of the strength of a community believing in EV in general, and in the Twizy in particular.

Trigo: change of position

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Nothing like the Kama Sutra, the Trigo has changed its position ...
To see more, little rascals >>

Trigo and MultiGo: new lower brackets

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Since 01/10/2014, the lower brackets for Trigo and MultiGo have been modified to ensure better compatibility with all Renault Twizys.

Implementation >>

On my Twizy, even the mud is beautiful!

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The floods that hit the Languedoc-Roussillon on 29 September 2014 (see video) left some big mud puddles on the roads.
Here is a nice effect of projection on the door ... Looks like the hyperspace, no ?
To see my dirty Twizy and some photos of the floods >>