More snow?

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Not enough snow this winter? Or if next August is too hot, you can simply read this article!
To see some snow falling >>

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas ! ¡Feliz Navidad!

How to face winter?

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Winter is coming and the same issues come up. Besides the inevitable windows, the problem of protective cover often returns ...

Some solutions >>

Setting the Axis windows

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Axis windows are pre-set delivered but differences between Twizy may lead the user to adjust the position of the windows.

Here are the different possible settings >>

How to remove scratches from windows and deflectors

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Twizy deflectors and windows are made of polycarbonat. In particular, the front deflectors are "anti-scratch" treated, which does not mean that there is no scratch at all. Say there is less.

So how to remove scratches that inevitably occur? I tested an household product, the famous Miror.
No miracles, but some effect.
The proof in pictures and video >>

Letsgo: How to (re)install an elbow reinforcement

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Here is the procedure to install an elbow reinforcement on the luggage carriers Trigo MultiGo or LetsGo

How to improve the comfort of your passenger?

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Assume the comfort of the Twizy is spartan, to say the least. But the back seat is really hard!
Here's a little cheap and easy tip, presented in video, which will reconcile your passenger with bumps!
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LetsGo luggage carrier : new rear light holder

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In its third version, the LetsGo carrier has a new rearlight support, more easy to install and with a better cover of the rear light.

TFT 2015 step 6 : Île de France

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Joelle Almani (No. 30) made the 6th stage of the Twizy Fans Tour 2015 from 5th to 8th of June by traversing the entire "Île de France" around Paris. Congratulations!
And cuckoo ! Who's there ? Jean-Jacques Pierron of course!
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TFT 2015 step 5 : Eppe-Sauvage (France - 59)

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On thursday May 14, the North of France has struck a blow in the Twizy Fans Tour 2015, with a concentration of 6 Twizys, new record to beat.
The meeting was held in Eppe-Sauvage in Val-Joly, a very welcoming leisure center where our Twizystes could load for free.

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Axis side windows for Twizy: mounting instructions

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Axis side windows are delivered pre-assembled and their installation can be done by a novice handyman, in 20-30 minutes, without any modification of the vehicle.

Here is the detailed process for the mounting of Axis windows.

Read the procedure >>

Renault Twizy monthly sales

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Here are the most significant Renault Twizy sales data from its release in March 2012, summarized in a chart and accompanied by a graphic >>

TFT 2015 stage 4 : Lyon

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The Twizy Fans Tour 2015 made a stop in Lyon on Sunday, April 12, 2015, relayed by Sélyne, the only female participant in this issue ... Is Twizy a macho vehicle?
It was also a friendly meeting with the some Leaf and Tesla owners ...
More pictures and videos>>

TFT 2015 stage 3 : Lunel - Lattes - Sète

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Another sunny stage for the Twizy Fans Tour 2015 that crossed the department of Herault, from Lunel to Sete through Lattes.
It was Jean-Jacques Pierron, the only person to have completed a tour of France Twizy (in 2014), which began this journey to join me in Lattes at about 13 hours. We have recharged our batteries and our stomachs before soar in direction of the city of Sète ...
See all the photos and the video >>

TFT 2015 Stage 2 : Bordeaux

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The Twizy Fans Tour 2015 continued with good weather! The second stage took place in Bordeaux with the participation of No. 16 Jean-Sébastien Jobit ...

TFT 2015 stage 1 : Paris

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The TFT 2015 officially started on the 23 of March ! First stage in Paris, a gathering of 5 Twizy (and one Smart ED) occured  on Vendome place.
You will find in this article all photos >>

Happy Easter ! / Felice Pasqua ! / Fröhliche Ostern ! Feliz Pascua !

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You know that the Twizy was designed around the shape of the egg. Very well seen in this draft I stole in the Renault design office.

It's Valentine's Day!

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Love is to look together in the same direction ...