New trailer !

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Here's a fun little video that explains the miseries that YouTube inflicts on small creators like me. If you want to help the Life in Twizy, subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you !

Help me! Youtube wants to kill my channel!

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Hello all,
I need your help. Since years, I have a little Youtube channel about the Twizy where I put my tutorials.
In compensation for the hours of research and realization that it represents, I receive less than 7 euros per month, thanks to advertising. It's nothing but it makes me happy.
But YouTube changes the rules and to be able to continue I must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of annual viewing within the next month.
Currently I have 339 subscribers and 2400 hours of annual viewing; I think it's great, but no, for the ogre Youtube is not enough. So here is the link of my channel. Look and if you like it subscribe! Thanks for your help.

Happy New Year !

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