How to strengthen the fasteners of the front panel?

fasteners are fragile...
In a previous article, I explained how to reach the brake liquid container and the front lights. To do so, it is necessary to remove the front panel and the problem is that its fasteners are fragile...
If, like me, you break a clip support, you have to put back in place the broken part with super glue like cyanoacrylate. But this will surely not resist a long time and anyway it will not make it most solid.
So, broken or not, I advise you to strengthen the clip supports... How? ... Read more >>
repaired and strengthened support
Unfortunately, what follows is wrong because the moldable paste is not strong enough... I am on the way of another solution.

With a bicomponent moldable paste.

- Before putting the paste,  increase the roughness of the plastic with abrasive pape.
- Remove dust.
- With a cutter cut a 2 cm piece of paste, corresponding to necessary amount for the reinforcement of a single clip support.
- Remove the plastic wrap around the paste.
- Knead the paste between your fingers until you get a homogeneous mixture.
- Firmly place the paste on the clip support to strengthen. The aim is to increase the thickness of the support but also to broaden the support on the panel. The support forms a kind of bridge and you have to put the paste on and especially under the bridge.

I strongly think we can do something much better with this panel and I hope to present something very soon!

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