Silence S04: the price of a small revolution

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Silence S04 : le prix d'une petite révolution
Specialized for almost 10 years in the field of electric scooters, with great success since it is now a market leader, the spanish manufacturer Silence is entering the electric quadricycle market with the Silence S04, unveiled in Barcelona a few days ago, which will soon be released and appear to feature some important innovations.

On the other hand, the advertised price, repeated everywhere in automotive magazines, requires a correction ...

Twizy in all its forms: copies, transformations, projects etc.

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I wanted to take a tour of everything that the Renault Twizy has been able to generate, such as ideas for copies, unforeseen uses, transformations, more or less eccentric projects, all over the world. You will see it is amazing!

Renault Twizy VS Citroën Ami

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Citroën presented a few weeks ago, the Citroën Ami, an electric vehicle which is a real competitor to the Renault Twizy 45.
Finally ! Realize, the Twizy was the only one on the electric quadricycle market for 8 years ...

So as the former owner of Twizy, still a fan but still lucid, that could not leave me indifferent for a long time, and I will therefore devote myself to the exercise of comparison.

Be careful, however, a comparison will only have value for you if you define your travel needs well, your budgetary capacities of course, and if you take into account your other priorities such as safety or comfort ...

Mobilize EZ-1 : finally the new Renault Twizy? Decryption

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Renault unveiled on January 14, 2021 its new concept of electric micro-car called EZ-1 and potential replacement of the Twizy, clearly in competition with the Citroën AMI. Something to delight Twizy fans who have been waiting for a version 2 for a long time! But the few rare elements we have can moderate this enthusiasm ...
Here is my interpretation of the presentation made in English, smartphone in hand, by Patrick Lecharpy, design manager at Mobilize, the brand new Renault brand dedicated to new mobilities.

Twizy, AMI and other EV : save your lithium battery

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The question arises of what to do to preserve the battery in order to prolong its life as long as possible. This is what I suggest you discover with these article and video :

Cheap 12V batteries adapted to the Renault Twizy

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For a few weeks now we have finally found 12V Twizy compatible batteries without any DIY to mount them and this for a reasonable price around 70-80 € including postage, half of what Renault offers ...

Twizy in the music video "Mercy Street" (Peter Gabriel)

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This clip is above all a tribute to the song "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel as well as to Anne Sexton, American poet (1928-1974) who is the object, but as I put Twizy clones in it, it has its place here.

How to transport a Twizy?

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A question that arises quite often about the Twizy is that of its transport when buying a second-hand, or even more rarely to take it on vacation.

Here are some solutions.

Renault Twizy: a much cheaper defrosting column switch!

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You will still save up to a few tens of euros if you take a look at the following ...