Renault Twizy : how to change the 12V battery without drilling terminals !

Change the 12 Volts battery without having to drill the pods is possible at least in troubleshooting with this little tip!

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Renault 150€ VS Others 40€

To equip its Twizy 12V battery, Renault chose a specific battery not because of its electrical characteristics or its dimensions but because of the pods that are wider than the batteries of the same category that are easily found on simple scooters. They are also pierced with a hole of 5mm in diameter. It is true that it gives a solid fixation cables but the obligation to buy at Renault a very expensive battery they sell around 150 € while we find the same for 40 or 50 € (for me 45 € delivery included, discounted). Save 100 € on a fairly simple operation, well worth it?


If you want to change the battery yourself, here's what you need to know:
Battery 12V 14Ah
Size in mm Length: 150 Width: 98 Height: 95

To drill pods...

So to use the less expensive standard batteries you have to drill the pods but it is not so simple because they are quite narrow and it weakens a little ...

... or not !

I found a trick (I'm here for that!) That allows not to drill the pods: if we can not pass the screw in the pod, it is only necessary to pass it on the side!

Here is the video that explains how to change the 12V battery without drilling (english subtitles to be activated with Youtube bottom icon)

And for a few cents more ...

Some pointed out to me rightly that there was a risk of disconnection. To minimize it, I made a flange with a paper clip for each of the pods. As it may rust, I advise you to put a bit of grease above all that.

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