The "Tour de France" of Jean-Jacques Pierron with a Renault Twizy has begun!

Jean-Jacques Pierron had the strange idea to take a tour of France with an electric 2-seats vehicle whose real range is only 50 miles ! Maybe it is a little bit to wring the neck of some received ideas that Jean-Jacques went into this adventure, knowing that this is not his first attempt, since he already achieved a long journey in the south of France last year.

Beginning of the "big loop"

The departure was yesterday morning around 9:30 from Lunel (South of France) and I had the privilege of being the first stage for an electric loading. We have shown our respective adaptations, then we talked pleasantly for an hour around a coffee, until the battery from its Twizy found his best form .

A 2 months road trip

The journey is expected to finish in two months, passing through the Pyrenees, the South West, Normandy, Belgium, Paris, Switzerland, the Alps, the Riviera, the Luberon and Marseille. Jean-Jacques Pierron is driven by a  road trip demon, and to satisfy it, he wished to keep a large freedom in the way. Its equipment is of course limited to the minimum (a tent, a full bag of clothes) but also includes a generator "just in case of". Everything is stowed away in the back seat, nothing exceeds... Twizy contains more than we imagine.

An historical video!

Restart yesterday at 11.30 towards Carcassonne via Béziers. We did a small part of the course together between Lattes and Frontignan, to have the mutual and too rare pleasure of seeing another Twizy on the road! I even made ​​a video (courtesy of Jean-Jacques)!

Have a good trip Jean_Jacques!

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