A Twizy dressed in a Union flag to celebrate St George, is this a mistake?

I think it's very nice like that and some did for real. Renault UK wanted to use it to celebrate St George's Day on Twitter and Facebook, here is the trace:
But we must believe that it was a big mistake ... 

Tweets and status were removed in the hours following their release ... Why? My explanation is that the St George's Day really speaks to the heart of English people whose emblem is the cross of St George but not to the other people of the United Kingdom... Use Union Jack to celebrate St George is likely a mistake that only a French can commit!

You can still see the offending picture  here on Facebook

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  1. This confirms my explanation ! http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/1061-St-George-s-Day?p=7929#post7929