Poll Twizy and "low mileage" : all results and some surprises!

One of the Renault's arguments to explain why they refuse the new battery rental offers to the existing customers, was the low amount of interested people .
Double error! First, because the reactions were very violent and negative against Renault (see open letter to Mr. Nils Saclier), and secondly because the number of interested owners  is far from being so small ... The proof with this poll !
Check out the poll results here >>

Questions May 14, 2014

« new low mileage battery rental contracts : are you interested ? »
« Etes-vous un "petit rouleur" ? »
« location "poco kilometraje" ¿Está usted en este caso? »
« Lage wenig gefahren.Sind Sie in diesem Fall? »

Results May 24, 2014:

All countries Answers Percentages

Yes 30 39,47%

No 46 60,53%

Total answers 76

Répartition détaillée par forum ou 

Twizy Fans Francophones (F) -  Facebook Group
Answers Percentages

Yes 11 61,11%

No 7 38,89%

Total answers 18

Forum Renault Twizy Info (F)
Answers Percentages

Yes 6 42,86%

No 8 57,14%

Total answers 14

Foros del Renault Twizy (E)
Answers Percentages

Yes 2 25,00%

No 6 75,00%

Total answers 8

Forum Twizy Owners (UK)
Answers Percentages

Yes 2 66,67%

No 1 33,33%

Total answers 3

Twizy und Vectrix Forum (D)
Answers Percentages

Yes 9 27,27%

No 24 72,73%

Total answers 33

Poll analysis :

To have access to the new rental offers, the Twizy owner must drive less than 5.000 km (3100 miles) per year. At the end, nearly 40 % are in this case, which is considerable ! Even if the survey must be relativized, due to the low number of answers, the trend is certain and Renault can not ignore this problem in the hope of little upset.

Some interested owners state that they have changed the contract ( that's my case), or that they are on the point to change, while for others it is still " niet " . This study highlights the inconsistency of DIAC -Location which gives the sensation to manage battery rentals randomly. Why the rules are they not the same for everyone ?

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