Tour de France with a Twizy: the attack of the Alps!

In his Tour de France with a Twizy, after a thoroughly enjoyable way to Aulnoye-Aymeries (59), Douai and Belgium, despite the rain and tire problems, Jean-Jacques Pierron then experienced great difficulties in the Ile-de-France so much that he had to be towed for the first time due to a power failure at the foot of a Autolib station and with a valid subscription in his pocket ...

Jean-Jacques was unable to use his generator to avoid noise and had to sleep in the Twizy, which really is an achievement. He seems to have enjoyed very little the relative hospitality of some Parisians but was still able to enjoy his presence in Paris to visit the Exhibition of electric vehicles (91).
Maybe a little disgusted by all these mishaps, Jean-Jacques Pierron has not provided exact route since Amiens step. We just know that he went through Troyes, Besançon, Morteau, but he kindly sent some additional photos taken on the road leading to the Alps. I join to them those of Laurent (Erable59) and Arthur that I warmly thank.

Chez Laurent (Aulnoye-Aymeries (59))

Sur la route du côté de Besançon :

Chez Arthur (Morteau, (25))

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