MultiGo, the brand new luggage and bicycle carrier, just for Twizy !

Convinced that the Twizy's future is to become more and more practical and useful, I have imagined an important evolution of Trigo: the MultiGo whose name comes from the fact that this luggage and bicycle carrier can take multiple positions, while the Trigo has only 3.

Pictures and explanations, this way ! >>

Main features 

Made of steel tube covered with a thick layer of black UV treated PVC, the Multigo is very firmly attached to the Twizy's underbody, likeTrigo, but it also take the place of the rear light that is moved down almost to the level of directional lights. With this, the charges can be larger (large suitcase, golf bag). 

Highest position bike rack, better identifies the taillights and license plate. It also protects the body better with a very high arch which could become a rooftop bar in the near future. 

The new mounting system allows the clamp to place the moving part to the height you want. 

No more straps, so the MultiGo can be installed on Twizys with no doors. 

The Multigo requires no permanent transformation of the vehicle (no holes, no modification of the electrical wiring). Like its little brother, the Multigo settled first in less than 30 minutes and change of position takes less than 5 minutes. 

Some drawbacks though: Multigo is heavier (3.5 kg vs. 2.5 kg) and  costs € 150 against € 120 for Trigo ... But remember that the only Twizy luggage rack, sold by Elia, costs at least € 600 and is not a bike rack.

One of the possible low positions 

This is the lowest position, very versatile for transporting various loads (but not exceeding 25 kg).

Another very low position 

This time with a very high taillight and a very low mobile part.

High position : it's a bike rack !

Neutral position

To take no place in the garage !



Interested ? 

You can buy it on the Life in Twizy Online Shop.

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