Twizy, Citroën Ami etc. : Unlocking, a good idea?

Twizy, Citroën Ami etc. : Unlocking, a good idea?
My answer is no, but if so then be careful!

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No, because the risks are very important

- Unlocking your vehicle is entirely at your own risk and you are solely responsible.

- Improper modifications can lead to dangerous malfunction of the vehicle. It can be a battery overload which will be damaged, untimely shutdowns due to incorrect settings, premature mechanical wear (the gearbox of a locked Twizy is already at the limit of its capacities. ..).

And that is not the most serious. If we take the case of the Twizy we know that its stability is excellent but that its braking is at the limit. Do you really want to test emergency braking at 100 km / h?
For the Citroën Ami it is even worse. Unlike the Twizy, this vehicle was not designed to exceed 45 km / h. Do you really want to test its handling at 80 km / h or have your child do it? It is true that the Ami has not yet undergone a crash test, but it may not be for him to realize it ...
Twizy, Citroën Ami etc. : Unlocking, a good idea?

- Modifying your vehicle may result in the withdrawal of your insurance in the event of a claim (responsible or not), the loss of the manufacturer's warranty, fines for non-compliance with the law.

- Any mechanical or electronic modification made to your vehicle makes it unsuitable for use on open roads without further approval by the competent services.

But do you decide to ignore these warnings? So avoid the pitfalls.

Pure and simple scams

Let's say you take the plunge because you are of legal age and vaccinated, fully aware of the risks and think you know how to avoid them. Well. I'm not going to throw stones at you, I did! (video)

You will probably do a search on Google like "Twizy tuning" or "Ami tuning" and you may find quite a few sites which offer "chiptuning" but which have no existence for the Twizy or the Ami . For a little bit they would offer to unlock your grandmother's walker ... These bogus ads are pretty easy to find. Here is a good example ...

Twizy, Citroën Ami etc. : Unlocking, a good idea?

Too expensive intermediaries

But you will inevitably come across the TwizyX site which never developed anything itself but simply served as a very expensive intermediary..

For Twizy

TwizyX first offered the loan of a unlocking box and then, when unlock became more difficult in 2016, the sale of another box.

It is therefore best to go to the source in order to save a lot of money and often obtain better service. The first box is in fact an OVMS box and the second a PowerBox box on which TwizyX only puts its mark and makes a big profit. So instead do a search "Twizy OVMS" or "Twizy Powerbox" and you will win.

Twizy OVMS unlockingTwizy OVMS TwizyX

For Citroën Ami

TwizyX does not yet have a solution to sell, normal it is not he who develops it, but offers you to register on a waiting list in order to try to capture you. He even created a Facebook group dedicated to this tuning which does not exist.

My advice is to watch this site and as soon as it comes up with a solution, someone else will have developed it for much less. It will be up to you to find who ...

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