LetsGo, a new complete solution to carry everything

LetsGo is the new luggage carrier, bicycle rack and roof bars set I created. It comes from the accumulated experience with its predecessors TriGo and MultiGo that it now replaces.

LetsGo is designed as modules. This way, you only use what you need, and if later you are missing an item, you can always add it!

Edit 02/01/2016

From 205€00.

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"Basic" Module (mandatory)

The "basic" module is the part linked to the Twizy, still without drilling, without permanently altering the vehicle. It fits all Twizys except The Twizy Cargo. 

"Rack" Module

The "rack" module the L-shaped part that allows Letsgo to be either a rack in the lower position, a bike rack in the top position (maximum load: 25 kg), or a rear roof bar (max load: 10 kg). It is very rigid and firmly attached to the base by U bolts.

Examples of rack module on low position. The taillight is deported below.

Example of a rack module on high position.

"Front roof bar" Module 

The  "front roof bar" module consists of a bar screwed  at the front of the roof of the Twizy. It completes the "basic" module. (Maximum load: 10 kg)


A "fully equiped" Twizy !

"Base" module  + "rack" module on low position + "front roof bar" module

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  1. Hi Christian,

    This is Mariusz from Poland, I'm interested in purchasing your "LetsGo" luggage carrier system. Could you, please, let me know what is the cost of a complete system (base module + rack and front roof bar modules), and how can I order it? And what are the delivery terms?

    Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.

    All the best,
    Mariusz Wnukiewicz

    +48 797 37 11 22