Axis V2,V3 : installation and setup

Here are instructions for the mounting and the adjustment of Axis V2 and V3 windows.

1 Mounting :

1.1 Axis windows mounting video:

Watch this video and read the additional information below depending.
Do not remove the protective sheets before the end. Do not use an electric screwdriver.

1.2 Mounting of the door plate

Version 2.1 and 2.2

There are now 3 washers instead of 2. The pictures below show where to put them: M6x50mm pan head screw (1) successively takes a large M6 washer (2), the door plate (3), a second wide M6 washer (4), the 30mm spacer (5) and a third wide M6 washer (6).

Versions 3 and 4 : no more washer 4

1.3 Mounting of the windows

Version 2.1

This version is now obsolete with regard to the attachments of rear windows, as all windows version 2.1 have been updated to version 2.2

 In the version 2.1, e rear attachment is made up of a pan head screws M6x50mm (1), a large M6 washer (2), a spacer (3).
Installation is carried out with a 4mm Allen wrench.

Versions 2.2, 3 and 4 :

Unscrew the original screws (Torx T30)
Fit the door plate: see section 1.2
Hand tighten two grub screws M6 x 45mm. Do not make more than 2 or 3 turns.

Presenting the window so as to introduce screws into the holes in the rear window.

On each screw, insert a large washer M8 (1) and screw an M6 nut (2) with a 10mm wrench.
Moderately tighten in order to subsequently perform the height adjustment.


Make settings (see Chapter 2)

To finalize the installation, on each screw, maintain the nut with a 10mm wrench and tighten the grub screw with a 3mm Allen key so that it no longer exceeds  of 1 mm.

Put the nut covers

View of the finished assembly

2. Settings:

2.1 Height adjustment :

This adjustment is made with the front screw of the rear window (1)

The rear latch being locked, rotate up and down the front glass to ensure it does not leave too much space at the top but also that its seal does not rub too much on the door trim. The video below shows a good height adjustment.

2.2 Setting the door plate :

Versions 3 and 4 : this setting is unnecessary. Skip to Section 2.3

As shown in the video below, the door plate must be set (front / back, up / down) so that the half-opening finger engages in the corresponding slot with slight resistance to keep the glass well in that position during opening and closing the door. It is also possible to forward or rewind the U-joint to achieve this result.

2.3 Adjusting the gasket support:

The gasket placed on the front defelector should be adjusted in height so that the front windows does not leave too much space at the top but also that closing the front window is not obstructed. The video below shows a good adjustment.

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