How to control the brake fluid level?
The Renault Twizy is a very simple electric vehicule but not always easy! There is no maintenance book explaining how to do the basic operations like changing a light or checking the brake fluid level. So I begin a serie of articles and videos that should be useful.
Today : How to control the level of brake fluid?  Read more>>
The brake fluid container is behind the front panel. No tool is necessary.

Remove the front panel :
The front panel is simply held by four plastic tabs at the bottom and four metal clips at the top. To remove it, simply pull the top edge towards you quite strongly. When it begins to release, take the holes made for the headlights or the windshield wiper. When the clips are released, you have to switch the front to release the tabs from the bottom.
Be careful, sometimes the clips fall. The plastic tabs are fragile.

Put the front panel back in place:
You must first locate the two plastic tabs that are in the bottom center, those over the edge will fall into place automatically. Swing the front panel against the vehicle. Place the clips with the corresponding holes. Clip the front pushing strongly. Check that everything is in place.

Here is the video showing these steps:

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