My Twizy foldable windows

After an update on the windows sold for Twizy, I would like to introduce my own productions... This way! >>

First, flexible windows... 

I started with windows made ​​of flexible plastic normally used to cover the books! It did the job, but it was not very practical and mostly it was a deafening noise beyond 60 km/h. So I used them just in case of rain. They withstood a winter, then the adhesive paper decayed. But the idea of ​​fixing the windows to the roof and folding them underneath was already there. Here are some photo memories:

...then rigid windows

It was time to design less noisy and more convenient rigid windows... I made two prototypes that are not yet fully satisfactory, but I think the idea of ​​folding the window under the roof is digging, especially if you combine it with a shortened door as I recently suggest (see should we cut the wings of the Twizy ?) .
Note that none of my windows did require any drilling or permanent altering of the Twizy. I just put spacers on the door screws. Above, the windows are maintained by fixing tabs trapped between the metal structure and the plastic body.

A video !

I mounted a video that will show you how work my 2 prototypes rigid windows. You can judge by yourself the advantages and disadvantages. For my part I consider that there is still a lot of defects, especially the air flow to the rear and the rain seeping along the door. Can do better !

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