Should we cut the wings of the Twizy?

My dear Twizy suffers from a birth defect that is the lack of side windows. Since minds are full of ideas to compensate this, but apparently no fully satisfactory solution has been found so far.
And if the solution was to change the sacrosanct scissor doors? Should we cut the wings of the Twizy? If you like to be a bit iconoclastic, follow me in this direction >>

Current scissor doors have several defects

- They leave a hole that becomes a real headache when you want to prevent the freezing of the rear passenger because of the bad air stream. Most windows on the market, including those that I cobbled, also leave aside this hole to the chagrin of their users.
- They often open poorly because the cylinder that actuates is undersized.
- Open, they give the vehicle a height of 198 cm which can be problematic with some garage doors .
- Open, they offer a  large surface to the wind.

Remove 15 cm of doors 

My idea is to reduce the length of the doors of 15 cm and to add an element to the rear in the form of quarter moon to effectively seal the space left blank. This element, half plexiglass, would be working as a small door with hinges, or simply removable. It is indeed essential to open this space to access the back seat.

The advantages of such a system ?

- The rear air flow would disappear (if there are side windows !)
- The doors would open a little better since their weight and lever would be reduced .
- The total height of the Twizy with open door would be reduced to 183 cm .
- The wind resistance would slightly reduce.

and especially

- This design could change our way to imagine the side windows. For example, I manufactured for my Twizy rigid panels which are not linked to the door as usual, but fixed to the roof and which are foldable in two parts. It is thus possible to retract under the roof simply and quickly. I'm working on a video that will show you how it works.

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