New side windows: pictures preview (3)

I fitted new side windows in my Twizy. I designed them trying to follow certain principles: they must be practical, not too expensive and effective.

Check out my new side windows >>

The main features are :


- Main part folding under the roof without disturbing the loud-speakers.
- Rear part fully retractable for an absolutely free access to the rear seat .

Manufacture :

- Semi-rigid material (polycarbonate 2mm ) to avoid "flag noise" generated by flexible glass.
- Hinges and fasteners rubber or elastic cord .
- Purely mechanical assembly. No glue , no Velcro , no zipper .
- No definite change of the Twizy : no holes .


- Vision through the glass not distorted.
- Passengers protection against rain.
- Passengers protection against air flow, especially the rear passenger .
- Opening / closing in less than 10 seconds.
- Do not increase the length of the door .
- Assembly with only 2 keys by virtually everyone ( still requires removal of body parts ) .
- Half-open position in seconds to catch a parking ticket for example .
- "Summer position" in seconds without any disassembly.

The rear passenger is well protected.
A clear vision through the window

"summer" position with main part open

Rear part completely open...
... for a free access to rear seat

Half-open position 

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