Reviews for a Year of Activism

This ending September 2014 is the first anniversary of an activity based on the certainty that the Twizy is a true "sandbox" like a box of Lego blocks. This is the opportunity to take a look in the mirror, to point out the good and bad points of a year rather mixed but busy ...

Mixed results but humanly rich

In chronological order, are:

- The creation of this blog La Vie en Twizy in French and its copy Life in Twizy in English. Attendance is not up to expectations. Reader comments are very rare. However it remains the starting point, and any blogger knows he must be patient. I enjoy writing these articles, it helps me think.
In the process, I associated them a "window" on Facebook, a page of the same name which stores all the info I can gather on social networks about Twizy: 130 likes, that's the way it's popularity is measured in this world then, almost nothing.

- The creation of the Facebook group "Twizy Fans Francophones... or not" which now includes over 150 quite active members . It is nice to share between Twizy owners. It's still the only group where FB most of the time we talk about Twizy in French ...

Here I met Alain Giraud, one of the Twizy's fathers. I just manhandled him and his baby, but he knows well all the respect I have for him.

It's still there that semi-official relations with Renault were able to build ... and unravel. Thank Lucille Perrier which was assigned by Renault to create a study group around Twizy. I can testify that she has done everything possible, but was prevented by his own employer. Lucille is now flying to new horizons and I wish her to find more flexibility and openness she could not find at Renault, which should not be very difficult.

I also found some fans who support me (this is the case to say) and I thank them so much.

- The first sun visor, the first failure, we must say that ... well, it is quite DIY style...

- The first video "Renault Twizy's design genesis" with the angelic voice of Graciellita. One of my favorite creations yet shunned by Twizystes, as the trailer for the Life Twizy ... There are moments of solitude on social networks.

- Moving quickly on the lamentable "Twizy paper: the film" ... still makes me laugh.

- The start of the utility series "How to ?" It has much to do about it.

- The transformation of the front panel into a  real lockable hood. Only for good yourselfer or unconscious people.

- The creation of the Lego Twizy which I am particularly proud and which was a huge success in Germany.

- My first rigid side windows ... very sensitive and complex topic, still relevant. My most viewed Youtube videos, far far away. Since then, I imagined other solutions that are being implemented or tested.

- The invention of the twizlies, kinds of smilies with the image of the Twizy. Again I would have bet that would please the fans and that they would use them ... Flop!

- The invention of the parking ticket protection. Yeah what!

- The invention of the sun visor / mirror which received critical acclaim. I still sell occasionally.

- The sadly lost "low mileage contracts" battle. A shame for Renault, a disgust for all fans of Twizy.

- The small contribution to the Tour de France in a Twizy by Jean-Jacques Pierron. He and I need to finish describing his journey in detail, but it's a pretty tedious job.

- The invention of luggage and bike racks Trigo and MultiGo. They attracted some attention abroad with few sales, almost nothing in France.

- The launch of the petition for an environmental bonus for all electric vehicles with a strong "presence" with politics, particularly on Twitter. This petition is a partial failure with more than 650 signatures. There has still been some positive feedback from some environmentalists deputies.

- Support for France, Italy and Spain to the European petition for the purchase of the battery from the Twizy. A probable failure with only 147 signatures across Europe, more than a hundred from Germany alone.

- The invention of roof bars for Twizy. They are currently being finalized.

- The creation of an online shop.

- The idea and the launch of  the "Twizy Fans Tour", a kind of Tour de France and other countries with Twizy and relays. It's an original idea that seems to pleased the Twizy owners community and with no binding aspect.

And for the next year?

Go to the end of the "Twizy Fans Tour".

Make sure the Facebook group is a reference in the field.

Promote the bonus for all VE.

Watch for the potential return of an emissary of Renault with a multiplied by 100 distrust .

Strengthening the series "How to?"

Revisit again and again the Twizy, imagine new versions, new accessories, with a focus on original windows that I'm about to unveil.

Improve existing products ... So something to do!

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