LED daylights: a new world!

I bought them for Christmas but could not find any time to install ... and it's good because I did not intend put my daylights here. Inspiration has finally come to me, here is the result and I am quite happy of that ! >>

A severe "look" 

The nocturnal idea that came to me was to make the "look" of my Twizy a bit severe with  frown "eyebrows." By chance, the front panel has a convinient profile, able to keep the LED lights with small self-tapping screws 4.2 mm. I also had to remove a little of the central part of the panel. I cut 2 strips of 12 cm by 1 cm on each side up to allow the necessary space.

A strange law 

Finally, the longer was the wiring, because the equipment provided by Ledperf was very poor so I had to redo everything. I connected the daylights on the left burner, so they don't really work as required by law: legally, daylights should turn on as soon as you start the engine and turn off when you turn on the headlights ... Why make it simple when it can be complicated ... I'd like someone to explain this logic to me. Anyway, I put in a rule these days, which means buying a small electronic box.

A super video !

Especially not to miss because of the music of Antonin Dvorak ,"New World". If you like classical music you'll love it and if you don't, try anyway, it's worth it!! Enjoy!

2 commentaires :

  1. Hi Christian! This is a great idea which means the Twizy has a better look and is better seen too! I hope you don't mind, but I copied this nice idea and put something similar on mine, but they run as legal daytime running lights (ok, with manual switch!)

    1. Hello Ashton ! I'm proud that someone considered this as a good idea ! In the future I hope make them work as legal daytime running lights. It just need to connect a kind of electric relay that shut off the LED when the main lights are on. Not a big deal, but time is so short.
      Would it be possible to see some pictures of your twizy with its LED daylights ?
      Here is my email adress : christian.dehais@gmail.com