Renault windows improvement kit : mounting instructions

The Renault windows improvement kit includes seals to be placed on the front deflector to limit the air flow at this level and outside handles for not having to handle the zippers to open the door. It eventually complements the rear deflectors. All of this is of course available in the online shop.

What is shown below refers to the right side.

1. Placing the seal

Warning: the seals have a direction because they are split on 15 cm. They should be placed with the flexible flange outward and with the split side up

- Open the door to not to be bothered by the windows.
- Place the seal on the front deflector, starting from the top. End to press the seal with a rubber or wooden mallet.

2. Placing the outside handle

- Loosen slightly the front screw of the Renault window (1) in order to raise it slightly.
- Pull the outside handle (2) under the window.
- Insert the inside handle (3) in the small loop of the outside handle.
- Screw the Renault window (1) leaving enough space (4) between the window and the door so that the action of the outside handle is not obstructed.

Inside view

Outside view

Video of the outside handle operating

3. Forming the Renault windows to improve the front sealing

This forming is optional but it is very useful if you want a maximum sealing in the front of the window.
The goal is to gently twist the front of the Renault window so that it follows the shape of the front deflector.
The pictures below show a formed right window (1) and an untrained left window (2). The difference between the two is about 3 cm at the front ends.

- Remove the window by unscrewing the two thumbscrews
- Place the front end of the window in a vise (3) taking care to protect it with a cloth failing to tear the coating of the window.
- Push the rear end (4) to twist the front until the desired value is reached (3 cm). Warning: it is better to do a little several times, rather than going too far.

- Replace the window and verify that the new form is correct, that is to say, it marries well with the deflector. Correct it if necessary.

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