Will Microlino be my next Twizy ?

We may be a fan of Twizy, we are still interested in competitors. Until now it was simple: there was none! But since its appearance in 2016, I have an eye on the little Microlino and I must say that ...

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The fact that, unlike many others, this project seems to have to go to the end, gets my full attention. Indeed, it is the series version that has just been unveiled in Zurich in January 2018. Developed with Tazzari who already manufactures the electric Zero City, it will be produced in Italy.

For me Microlino has a crisp look, both retro and futuristic as was the Twizy when it came out but in a completely different style. Beyond what looks like a crush, I try to just compare them :

In favor of the Microlino

- 2 seats like the Twizy, but access to the passenger seat is surely easier.
- The passenger has a lot more room in the Microlino than in the Twizy.
- A real trunk of 300 liters (30 l for the Twizy even if it's true that we put a lot on the sides of the front seat)
- A door and windows that hermetically close vs a Twizy subject to strong drafts, the Twizy owners know what I'm talking about.
- The visibility to the rear is much better since there is a window in the back and no passenger prevents to look there while this side of the Twizy is completely blocked.
- A speed of 90 km / h against 84 km / h for a Twizy 80. How many illegal modifications were made so that Twizy can simply go up to 90 km / h?
- Better acceleration: 5s to go from 0 to 50 km / h against 6.1s from 0 to 45 km / h for the Twizy.
- A more powerful engine: 15 kW against 13 kW for the Twizy.
- If basic battery life is not enough, the Microlino offers a battery of 14 kWh to achieve a theoretical autonomy of 215 km, or real 140-160 km. In purely urban use it is certainly useless, but it can arrange many commuters. Currently Renault proposes nothing to increase the basic autonomy of its quadricycle.
- A standard sunroof for the Microlino, although a simple tarpaulin, as the Twizy only offers an optional and expensive transparent roof.
- A price of 12 000 € which includes the battery against 9000 € for a Twizy equipped with optional doors and windows but without the battery since Renault still imposes its rental. This can tip a choice in favor of the Microlino.

In favor of the Twizy: :

- The Microlino seems to lack airbag while the Twizy has one in the steering wheel.
- There is no "no license" version for the Microlino. Renault is offering the Twizy 45 which is a "light" quadricycle limited to 45 km / h.
- The unique door with opening forward attracts attention but can we really go out or get in if we are stuck to the front vehicle? With its elytron doors, Twizy's driver is never stuck.
- Is the driver of the Microlino not bothered by the space reserved for the left front wheel? In the Twizy the driver has all the necessary space.
- A little longer than the Twizy (2.44 m against 2.34 m) and 10 cm wider (1.5 m against 1.4 m) which does not allow it to sneak better. The height is the same (1.45 m) and more when you have to open the door.
- I have the impression that the Microlino does not turn very well because it was necessary to limit the amplitude of the rotation of the front wheels, so as not to clutter the cabin, while the Twizy turns around in a handkerchief.
- A basic battery of 8 kWh (against 6.1 kWh for the Twizy) and an equivalent range of 120 km in ECE standard ( real 70-80 km) : small lack of efficiency for the Microlino or a bit too much athletic setting ?

Unknown elements :

- The discomfort of the Twizy is almost legendary but what about the Microlino? Its seat-bench at the front does not augur an excellent lateral holding of the body. Its small wheels and small dimensions do not offer much room for a comfortable suspension ...
- The stability of the Twizy is remarkable. Does the particular layout of Microlino's wheels allows it to match the performance of its predecessor?
- The Twizy is unfortunately not renowned for its  quality of manufacture (deficient chargers and gearboxes, problems with brake calipers and mudguards, low-end plastics and control levers). Will Tazzari exceed this very poor quality level?
- The Twizy "benefits" from the Renault dealers network. To this, we must immediately add a huge flat because it is limited to "Z.E."dealers and their lack of motivation, or even competence, does not play in their favor, as does the Renault's disinterest for its vehicle. But which network will support the Microlino? Will it be available in the whole Europe and when?

Conclusion : 

Sincerely, I would love to try it! And who knows?

Source of information : Automobile propre, LeBlogAuto, Renault

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