The secrets of Twizyman : remove scratches from polycarbonate ?

All the work I did for the Renault Twizy for many years led me to find manufacturing tips, to imagine, to test different things, often to "think out of the box", which is maybe the most exciting.

Frequently it did not work out, but sometimes interesting elements emerged that go beyond the framework of the Twizy and this is what I want to share with you in this new series of videos called "The Secrets of Twizyman" (videos without words or with sub-titles). Far from wanting to give examples, it is rather a question of continuing to boil the ideas or to give them.

To inaugurate this series, I was interested in the problem of repairing scratches on polycarbonate.


The two videos below present two very different techniques supposed to attenuate the scratches on the polycarbonate, plastic used in the manufacture of the front deflectors of the Twizy but in many other fields.

They have in common to show the advantages of the scratch resistant polycarbonate but also its limits as well as those of the envisaged techniques.

Video "Remove scratches from polycarbonate?" - Heating technique - Video with ENGLISH SUBTITLES to be activated with Youtube bottom icon

"Scratches and polishing tests" video - Polishing technique

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