How to change a front light, step by step

Each of the two front optical blocks on the Renault Twizy has a H4 light for low and large beams and a small W5W light. You may have to change a front light because one is "burned" or because you want to customize your lighting with DEL lights or else. Here's how to do, step by step... Read more>>

Look also how to do with this video .
Above all, a tip: do not touch the glass lamp H4 with fingers, it reduces their life, or clean them with a solvent.
- Access to the optical unit is made by removing the front panel.
If you do not know how, see How to control the level of brake fluid ? Note that in this case, we are glad not to have kept the original system and have transformed the band front cover lockable . If you have not, see the articles My Twizy now has a real front hood! Version 2.1 and How to put a lock on the front hood, step by step.
- Unscrew the 3 black screws that hold the black plastic bracket of the optical unit. Be careful not to touch the screws with springs that adjust the beams .
- Remove the optical unit and its bracket.
- Remove the W5W small light by unscrewing its bracket (1/8 turn left) .
- Remove the connector from the lamp H4.
- Remove the lamp H4 and its support by unscrewing the support (1/8 turn left).
- Remove the lamp H4 from its bracket avoiding putting your fingers on the glass.
To reassemble everything , just follow the reverse path. Brackets and connectors are "keyed" equipped ( notches of different sizes), so you can not mount anything upside down.

2 commentaires :

  1. Hi Christian! Thank you for the excellent video. I wish to replace my Twizy headlamps with LED types so this is good to see how to get lamps out. I noticed in the video that when you put back the front panel you seem to have a lock? Is this your modification? Thank you Martin.

    1. Hello Martin,
      The lock is my modification and comes from the right glove box. This video explains how to do
      but I am not sure it's a so good idea. It's quite difficult for a small advantage.