How to put a lock on the front hood, step by step

You also would like to have a Twizy with a lock on the front hood, like mine? Then follow the guide... Know more>>

The idea is to "simply" transfer the lock from the glove box where, in my opinion, it is useless, to the front panel. Then it becomes a real little hood that can hide some tools with relative safety... Truely it is not so simple and I prefered to make a video to illustrate my point . The outline of the operation are :

- You must first remove the glove box which is held by 5 screws, one under the dashboard (rather well hidden ). 2 screws from the rear are not easily accessible and I suggest you not to put them back when you'll reinstall the glove box!

- Move the end of the panel to release the lock.

- Remove the pin that holds the lock and remove the lock.

- On the panel that separates the passenger compartment from the outside saw an opening large enough keeping back 3cm to serve as fixture.

- Make a hole in the middle at 70 mm from the top edge of the front panel. Make notches of 10x2mm on the right and left of the hole and 5x2mm at the top and the bottom of the hole .

- Reduce the lock lever at 40mm .

- Insert the lock into the hole in the hood and secure it with the pin.

- Put back in place the glove box and the dashboard.

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