How to speed up the opening of doors

Accélérer la vitesse d'ouverture des portes
Your scissor doors are always brilliant ... but open very slowly (especially with this cold) and you do not really want to change the cylinders? Here's how to fix the situation significantly ...

You can also watch this video to see how to do.

Each door of your Twizy is actuated by a small cylinder. This system is similar to hatchbacks cars. The problem is that the speed door opening decreases and it is not uncommon to see it stop at the beginning of the movement. Guillaume Huynh, a member of the Facebook group Renault Twizy Fans Francophones told me what to do and I thank him warmly ! It is first put cleaning oil and then lubricant .
Very conclusive result , my door now opens in 10 seconds instead of 20 !

To access the door cylinder, you must remove the corresponding front light. Read the article How to change a front light, step by step .

- Door open, put some cleaning oil on the cylinder arm.
- Move the door several times for the oil cleans out the cylinder arm.
- Door open , wipe the cylinder with a cloth arm.
- Put some lubricant ( I used Teflon grease)
- Move the door several times to spread the lubricant along the arm .

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