New year, new logo, new homepage

It is the rare occasions when human stupidity makes things move. From this point of view, I warmly thank the owner of a site selling accessories for Twizy, which after having accepted, suddenly refused to let me use his logo. This is a very good thing, because here is my new logo and my new homepage!
And I forbid anyone to use it of course;)

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He accepted ...

When I started researching Facebook pages talking about Twizy, I came across the page that sells accessories for Twizy. I shared his publications several times. Then I liked his logo so much that I used it as an avatar on multiple sites. I also used into my homepages, but by modifying it quite significantly.

On January 1 of this year, the landlord of was moved to see the logo everywhere, but after a little discussion on Facebook, he gave me permission to use it. Here is the proof.

... and then he refused!

I do not know what got the guy, but on January 9, he started to call me a thief on the grounds that I used his amended logo as an avatar on the website Here the conversation on Facebook.

Suddenly his logo was much less pleasant for me and I decided to make another one and a new homepage which I'm pretty proud!

I have no instructions to give you, but I personally would not buy anything from a dealer who changes his mind so quickly.

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