Renault Twizy: Battery rental rates up, public relation down

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Up to 29%

Probably too obsessed by the "low mileage" contracts, I missed an important event : battery rental rates have increased !
When? I dont know and Renault obviously did is not boast. And this is not a small increase: up to 29%!
For a period of 36 months or more, here are the old and new rates and their variation...

Low mileage contracts: Renault says "Niet!" to pioneers

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Contrary to what was announced at the begining by the Renault press department (1), contrary to what was suggested since three months by  Mr Deloison, "electric vehicles" DIAC-Batloc department manager (2), contrary to the hopes of the people who works on the Renault Twizy project, contrary to the strong and just hopes of the Twizy owners, contrary to the interests of the brand itself as this decision will make it lose customers, starting by me, contrary to the evidence, Renault will not give its pioneers the benefit of the new contracts "low mileage" (those making less than 5,000 km per year).


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A member of the excellent English forum Twizy Owners asked me the problem of transporting his golf bag; 17kg and above a little over 1 meter long with the clubs, which can not easily fit the Twizy's interior especially if your are two! 

Here is my solution, but since I do not play golf I simulated a golf bag with a trash bag that I filled with cartons having roughly the length of a club. I hope the merger will not shock the fans of this great sport!

New twizley : the rainbow

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The twizlies are becoming more numerous according to the inspiration and mood of the day ...
Today here's the rainbow. After the rain, the sun?