TrianGo : finally, beautiful windows for Twizy (video)!

So far, the Twizy side windows manufacturers were interested, with more or less success, to the functional aspect of the problem, the aesthetic was not addressed at all!

It's over! With customizable windows TrianGo your Twizy will no longer necessarily be ugly because of windows.

Discover them now! >>

An original design

Polycarbonate windows triango have an original design, in 3 parts. The rear part is fixed on the door, it's very classic. What is new is about the 2 other parts, one that fold up toward the roof, the other down against the door.

A design that blends with the Twizy's one

This is the big news. Someone is finally interested in the look of the windows! The profile of the rear window is parallel to the front deflector. The two front parts are angled cut , which is a bit surprising. All fasteners are embellished by colored triangles made of translucent plastic. The use of the triangular shape gave their name to the windows.


Customizable windows !

To have TrianGo windows perfectly corresponding to the look of your Twizy, you choose the color you prefer for all the colored triangles. What else ?


Drive as you want, easily: the video

The big advantage of the three parts structure is to choose to ride completely closed, half-open or fully open. A lot of Twizy owners (including me) appreciate to drive with open windows but some (German) windows cannot. The handling is easy. Look at the video and make your opinion.

some photos

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