Battery purchase option : anything and everything

Renault has announced that it would now be possible to buy the battery of its electric vehicles. That's enough to blow a barrier for many potential buyers but ...

Yes, but ...

... It will be effective only in UK ... just for Zoe and Kangoo ... and not for actual owners.
Germans, French, largest buyers of Renault EVs and others can always go elsewhere. The current owners will continue to pay endless abuse lease. Twizy owners will continue to feel completely forgotten.


Remember that a petition, signed by nearly 150 "Twizystes" claiming this purchase option, had been sent to the highest officials of Renault France and Diac, but no response was given. How can a company despise so much its customers?

A lawsuit?

I think Renault will change its position under more pressure and this pressure could be justice. Why not start a class action to attack the lease?

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