Axis side windows for Twizy: mounting instructions

Axis side windows are delivered pre-assembled and their installation can be done by a novice handyman, in 20-30 minutes, without any modification of the vehicle.

Here is the detailed process for the mounting of Axis windows.

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Required tools :

- 1 screwdriver bit holder
- 1 Torx T15 bit
- 1 Torx T30 bit
Do not use an electric screwdriver.

Package contents:

- 1 set of left and right windows and a bag containing:
- 1 allen key allowing the closing of the windows.
- 6 flat washers.
- 2 rubber tubes.
- 2 upper locking brackets (transparent).
- 2 lower locking brackets (black).

Installing a side window (left one on following photos)

Warning: do not remove the protective sheets before the end of the assembly.

You can also look at this video to see the mounting of a window

A - Implementation  of the upper locking bracket :

Please note, manipulations on the plastic parts around the door trim (the body) are a little tricky because the original mounting clips are fragile.

1. Remove the rear door trim by pulling it firmly enough.

2. Unscrew the front door trim (Torx T15), pull it slightly and insert the upper locking tab (transparent) as shown on the pictures.

3. Screw the front door trim and replace the rear door trim.

The first minute of this video also shows how to do (the rest of the video is not about Axis windows):

B - Implementation of the lower locking bracket :

1. Place a rubber tube around the door handle. It protects the window from accidental frictions during the use.

2. Unscrew the 3 black screws that are inside the door (Torx T30)

3. Take a flat washer and a lower locking bracket (black) and insert an original black screw in the washer and into the smaller hole of the bracket. Warning,  the bracket is slightly bent and you must respect its direction like on the picture.

4. Screw the lower bracket at the place of the most forward door screw

C - Implementation of the window

1. For transport purposes, the window was blocked in position "completely open". Unlock the glass. 

2. Move the window to the inside of the door and momentarily lock it in position "semi-open", like on pictures.

3. Place the rear corner of the window into its final position.

4. Screw the rear leg of the glass with an original screw and on the rearmost position, taking care to interpose a flat washer.

5. Push the front part of the window rearwardly, so as to clear the front leg of the window.

6. Screw the front leg of the glass on the door taking care to interpose a flat washer.

7. Remove the protective sheets. The window is mounted. Do the same with the other window.

D - Adjustments:

Adjustments are possible:

- At the level of the front leg of the rear window
- At the level of the lower locking bracket

E - Removal:

For temporary removal, simply unscrew the two rear screws and remove the window, the locking brackets may remain in place.

For a definitive dismantling, follow the mounting procedure upside .

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