How to improve the comfort of your passenger?

Assume the comfort of the Twizy is spartan, to say the least. But the back seat is really hard!
Here's a little cheap and easy tip, presented in video, which will reconcile your passenger with bumps!
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The problem

Mark, an english Twizy owner, told me that the designer of the Twizy back seat designed it for his ex wife's mother... And he didn't like her.

The trick

The trick is to place a lawn chair cushion (about 10-15 € maximum) under the rear seat. The problem is it is attached to the Twizy structure, so it will take a little tinkering. For that you'll need a 6mm drill and 5 minutes of your time.
You can not deny that to your passenger!

A question of safety

Why not just put the cushion on the seat ? My idea allows several things
- Avoid the cushion from slipping forward in case of frontal impact.
- Consider using other more suitable materials.
- Keep the integrity of the appearance of the cockpit.

For a Few Dollars More ...

Instead of the stupid chair cushion, we can tweak a little. For example, why not take the opportunity to soundproof with several layers of foam packaging ...

...  And stick with double-sided tape more hard foam soles like "gym mat" ?

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