How to face winter?

Winter is coming and the same issues come up. Besides the inevitable windows, the problem of protective cover often returns ...

Some solutions >>

Low cost solutions

Some covers designed for scooters or motorcycles are suitable for the Twizy given it's small size.

For example, Amazon offers a very large cover (295 x 110 x 140 cm) which seems to be fine for a price around € 15.

Apart the poor aesthetic aspect, the disadvantages of such cheap covers are low quality and the risk of seeing it fly in the wind because the lack of sufficient fixation.

Renault Cover

In contrast to this low cost logic, Renault offers a specific cover for the Twizy. It is a nice product, good quality and perfectly adapted to the vehicle. There's even a hole for the tail light ... one wonders what for.
A (very) big drawback: the price of exactly € 298.37. Renault is accurate... and greedy!


A few weeks ago appeared a new cover developed by Lennart Visscher, a Twizy owner, who did'nt find his happiness in this area, we understand why by reading the above.
Thus was born the TwizCover, specifically intended to cover the Twizy, priced at € 99. Manufactured by Verheul Covers, a Dutch specialist company, it is a good quality product, well suited to the vehicle and available in 7 colors.

My choice

I have a preference for TwizCover which presents very good value for money. The fact that this cover was conceived and produced by a Twizy owner confirms my choice.

Photo Crédit : Bilitis Sanzô, Olivier Prot, TwizCover

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