Setting the Axis windows

Axis windows are pre-set delivered but differences between Twizy may lead the user to adjust the position of the windows.

Here are the different possible settings >>

Adjustments should be done once the windows mounted with the brackets completely screwed to the door and if possible before removing the protective sheets. Do not use an electric screwdriver.

1. Adjustment forward - backward

The objective is to have a gap of 2-3 mm between the back of the door and the edge of the window.

The two rear brackets have large holes that allow to move forward or backward relative to the door.

Loosen the two rear brackets (Torx T30), without undoing them completely, pull or push the window and tighten.

2. Setting up - down

The goal is to have a gap of 4-5 mm between the top of the window and the bottom of the door aperture.

The front bracket of the rear window has an elongated hole for the adjustment of the window up or down.

To access to the bolt which maintains this setting, remove the cap located inside.

Then, with a 10mm flat wrench and a 10mm socket wrench loosen the bolt without undoing it completely, adjust the height of the glass, tighten the bolt and replace the cap.

3. Adjusting the half-open position

The keeper (1) of the window front handle (2) also serves to receive the the half-opening position finger  (4) through a wide hole (3).

This is the position of the window when opening the door.
The objective is that the finger (4) coincides with the hole.
The adjustment must be done with the top of the window closed (5).

The finger being cleared, loosen the screw fixing the keeper (Torx T30), tilt the keeper forward or backward and tighten.

Attention tilt the keeper must not impede the passage of the window. If this is the case, redress the keeper until it no longer bothers and make a forward - backward adjustment (paragraph 1).

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