How to remove scratches from windows and deflectors

Twizy deflectors and windows are made of polycarbonat. In particular, the front deflectors are "anti-scratch" treated, which does not mean that there is no scratch at all. Say there is less.

So how to remove scratches that inevitably occur? I tested an household product, the famous Miror.
No miracles, but some effect.
The proof in pictures and video >>

I have conducted tests on two polycarbonat pieces. One "anti-scratch" treated (AR Makrolon or Lexan Magnard) and the other standard polycarbonat.

Scratch test

It was the opportunity to verify whether the treatment "anti-scratch" worth, knowing that this treatment almost doubles the price of the raw material.

We can see on this photo, made after the test, that this treatment is very effective even if it is not perfect. For its part, the standard polycarbonate is very sensitive to friction, it is not a surprise.

Polishing test

The scratches issue on polycarbonat is very common and the answer that comes up is: "Miror and elbow grease." Note that the toothpaste often comes too, but in recent years, toothpastes have lost much of their abrasive properties.

So I tried with Miror, applied with a VERY soft cloth.
I found that there was indeed an attenuation of the scratches, but much more evident on standard polycarbonate than on anti-scatch polycarbonat.
I explain this by the fact that the anti-scratch treatlent makes polycarbonat harder and therefore less sensitive to abrasives and therefore less sensitive to ... Miror, since it is also an abrasive!

Video of the tests

This is a short but detailed video which shows the realization of two tests and especially allows to assess the effect "Miror" at fair value. Rather instructive!

If you're tempted, some tips

Beware of tool handling and cleanliness, especially the polisher. For example if the cloth is torn in full rotation or if a grain of sand gets stuck between the glass and cloth, the treatment will be worse than the disease!

For corners and small parts, use an toothbrush .. an electric one of course!

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