Twizy Fans Tour is back!

The Twizy Fans Tour (TFT) is not dead! He is reborn in a very simplified form. It is for everyone who has a Twizy or not.

Why and how to participate to the TFT 2016? Read on >>

Why participate to the Twizy Fans Tour?

To mean that you adhere to the principle of Twizy, even if you don't have one. The most important is not only the vehicle. The most important is you, people who are or would like to be in a Twizy and who want this kind of electric, compact and friendly mobility to take its rightful place in our societies.

There are 2 ways to participate, but one does not exclude the other:

On Facebook

- Join the group Twizy Fans Tour.
- Take a picture of you and a Twizy (both are needed like in the example at right)
- Post the picture on the FB group with the tag #TFT2016 (with NO space. Each year the tag is of course different)

On Twitter

- Take a picture of you and a Twizy (both are needed )
- Post it with the tag #TFT2016 (with NO space)

What if you do not have a Twizy?

Search on the Internet a photo of Twizy, display it on your computer screen and take a picture of yourself with that in the background!

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