A Twizy dressed in a Union flag to celebrate St George, is this a mistake?

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I think it's very nice like that and some did for real. Renault UK wanted to use it to celebrate St George's Day on Twitter and Facebook, here is the trace:
But we must believe that it was a big mistake ... 

TwizEaster : the Easter Twizy !

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I could not help myself, I'm sorry ...
And of course, there is the video!
See the video >>

The "Tour de France" of Jean-Jacques Pierron with a Renault Twizy has begun!

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Jean-Jacques Pierron had the strange idea to take a tour of France with an electric 2-seats vehicle whose real range is only 50 miles ! Maybe it is a little bit to wring the neck of some received ideas that Jean-Jacques went into this adventure, knowing that this is not his first attempt, since he already achieved a long journey in the south of France last year.

Battery rental down for small mileages !

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Good news has fallen yesterday in a press release: Renault offers really attractive rental battery for "smalls mileages". Finally, the calculation of profitability is clearly in favor of the 100% electric vehicle, regardless mileage. Well done Renault!