Tour de France with a Twizy: the attack of the Alps!

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In his Tour de France with a Twizy, after a thoroughly enjoyable way to Aulnoye-Aymeries (59), Douai and Belgium, despite the rain and tire problems, Jean-Jacques Pierron then experienced great difficulties in the Ile-de-France so much that he had to be towed for the first time due to a power failure at the foot of a Autolib station and with a valid subscription in his pocket ...

Poll Twizy and "low mileage" : all results and some surprises!

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One of the Renault's arguments to explain why they refuse the new battery rental offers to the existing customers, was the low amount of interested people .
Double error! First, because the reactions were very violent and negative against Renault (see open letter to Mr. Nils Saclier), and secondly because the number of interested owners  is far from being so small ... The proof with this poll !
Check out the poll results here >>