Why not a Twizy pickup ?

There are pictures that make great noise in the Twizy fans's microcosm . They represent a Twizy transformed into a mini-truck with a detachable trailer, which gives a quadricycle with 6 wheels!
On my side, I think that a Twizy pickup would also have some chances, then by modifiing a little the 6-wheels Twizy picture, here is my Twizy "pickup" version...

The 6-wheels Twizy is named "VELUD", a project of a french engineering school, the Ecole d’Ingénieurs en Génie des Systèmes Industriels (EIGSI) of La Rochelle, in the context of the ADEME call for projects AACT-AIR 2014, in partnership with Renault, AIRPARIF, La Petite Reine Groupe Stars Service and the city of Paris. This is not really a 6 wheels Twizy, but a Twizy modified as a tractor with disappearance of the back seat, to which is attached a trailer with 2 wheels.

I always thought that the Twizy could break into the field of small electrical utility vehicle, provided with something more serious than the Twizy "Cargo" far too limited. This time, this VELUD project goes far in this direction!

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