Should we cut the wings of the Twizy?

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My dear Twizy suffers from a birth defect that is the lack of side windows. Since minds are full of ideas to compensate this, but apparently no fully satisfactory solution has been found so far.
And if the solution was to change the sacrosanct scissor doors? Should we cut the wings of the Twizy? If you like to be a bit iconoclastic, follow me in this direction >>

My Lego® Twizy : mounting instructions and parts list!

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Thanks to the extraordinary work done by Akku61 on forum who made a timeline similar to those provided by Lego, you now have a pdf file that completes tremendously my video .
To download the timeline it's here >>

For the parts list, this way >>

New year, new logo, new homepage

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It is the rare occasions when human stupidity makes things move. From this point of view, I warmly thank the owner of a site selling accessories for Twizy, which after having accepted, suddenly refused to let me use his logo. This is a very good thing, because here is my new logo and my new homepage!
And I forbid anyone to use it of course;)

To learn more about this dark story >>

Why not a solar energy powered Twizy ?

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The American automaker Ford presents a prototype of solar-electric car that is to say, able to recharge batteries with embedded photovoltaic panels on its roof.

And why not a solar-electric Twizy? The answer is no, but...


My Lego® Twizy : finally the video!

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I promised you, here the video which will allow you to make yourself your own Twizy with Lego® bricks!