Cheap 12V batteries adapted to the Renault Twizy

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For a few weeks now we have finally found 12V Twizy compatible batteries without any DIY to mount them and this for a reasonable price around 70-80 € including postage, half of what Renault offers ...

Twizy in the music video "Mercy Street" (Peter Gabriel)

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This clip is above all a tribute to the song "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel as well as to Anne Sexton, American poet (1928-1974) who is the object, but as I put Twizy clones in it, it has its place here.

How to transport a Twizy?

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A question that arises quite often about the Twizy is that of its transport when buying a second-hand, or even more rarely to take it on vacation.

Here are some solutions.

Renault Twizy: a much cheaper defrosting column switch!

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You will still save up to a few tens of euros if you take a look at the following ...